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International Debt Collection

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Historical profession of France-Contentieux, International Debt Collection still represents a very significant part of the group’s turnover. Our expertise is the result of a constant adaptation to the commercial and legal evolutions of the environment in each country.
Our knowledge of the legislation and practices in most countries enables us to advise you on each case, on the best method for the collection of your foreign claims.
Our team works daily using 5 languages : French, English, German, Italian and Spanish. This makes the dialogue easier with your debtors or your foreign subsidiaries.
Moreover, our IT system enables us to communicate by mail in the above mentioned five languages, concerning mails to debtors as well as the whole of our accounting documents (invoices, statements of accounts…).
In addition to its French offices, France-Contentieux has developed during the past 40 years an international network of numerous correspondents, all well-proven and efficient, that will enable you to enjoy the best results while you keep one single contact at France-Contentieux.




Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to obtain a personalized quotation depending on the country concerned and on the methods which will be the most efficient in this country.

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  • Nicolas LEGRAIN

    Account Receivable Manager
    Apave Sudeurope

    We are working with France Contentieux to take over after our internal reminders. We appreciate their responsiveness and the fact that they mastered our files, our different businesses and our processes. Cooperation between our teams is excellent, and the reporting is accurate and scalable. In addition they are effective regardless of the type of our customers.
  • Laurence HILDENBRAND

    Renault Trucks France

    France Contentieux comes on our request after internal reminders remained vain. We use their service in phase of "pre-litigation". The professionalism of our contacts, the customization of their dunning process, the knowledge of our customers are all strengths and key of success for our businesses. Their client access tool is extremely readable (Web)
  • Aurélie FRANCOIS

    Eurofins Biologie Médicale

    Collaboration with France Contentieux gives us full satisfaction. They are strength of proposals and have put in place under measure procedures perfectly adapted to our businesses and our constraints. They intervene for our debt collection, with a constant concern regarding the preservation of the image of our company.



92% of very satisfied customers*

*Independent inquiry OpinionWay conducted in November 2016