France Contentieux acts in full respect of the statutory framework required by the Decree No. 2012-783 dated May 30 rd , 2012, and offers its customers all the financial guarantees that they can expect in terms of debt Collection and Account receivable Management.

Thanks to our know-how, we provide a personalized follow-up of your files. As far as we are concerned, each case and each client are treated as a separate case/client. Our services go from the amicable debt collection of unpaid invoices to major financial claims, as well as the handling of disputed claims (including via legal steps). The methodology that we use is adapted to each client’s specifities.

Our expertise, which is the result of over 40 years experience, enables us to intervene for civil as well as commercial claims, in France as well as on an International basis.

Commercial Reminders
Commercial Reminders

It is historically performed in-house by the company, and corresponds to reminders, via mail or telephone of the outstanding invoices for which the payment has not been received. The current trend on this topic is the outsourcing of this process to companies such as France Contentieux. The level of cash of your company and the amount to be booked as bad debts will depend on the speed and efficiency of this action.
We work on your behalf in white label, directly on your IT systems or on ours, depending on your needs. Reminders can be achieved before due date, in order to identify potential litigations related to deliveries of goods or services.
In case of financial difficulties of the debtor to pay your invoice, you are among the first to know and can then quickly implement the appropriate means to protect your assets (taking back the goods, blocking of future deliveries, new payment plan...).
France Contentieux’s experience will enable you to release resources internally and to act quickly to optimize your cash flow.

Amicable Debt Collection
Amicable Debt Collection

France-Contentieux will enable you to enjoy the flexibility of our services: no subscription is required, nothing to be paid in advance. Our remuneration is mainly a success fee on the sums actually recovered.
Our expertise, which is the result of over 40 years of experience, enables us to intervene for civil as well as commercial claims, in France as well as on an International basis.
The means implemented to recover your debts are based on the value of the amounts due, on the nature of these debts and on the seniority of the case.
A formal notice to pay is sent to the debtor upon receipt of the file. Our negotiators then make telephone contact with the debtor (5 languages can be used). Possible disputes are determined through a real dialogue whose purpose is to warn the debtor about the possible risks that he is taking in the event of non-payment.
To facilitate business, and in a constant concern for transparency, France Contentieux provides secure client access allowing you to track your records of collection at each stage of our interventions.
Besides the traditional collection services, our recent interventions with some of our clients have enabled us to acquire a particular know-how in the following fields :
- Handling of claims written-off as bad debts
- Specific mass handling of low value claims (particularly adapted to firms that issue invoices to private persons).

Legal Debt Collection
Legal Debt Collection

Although we recover most of our cases through amicable interventions, France Contentieux is organized to go right to the end of the collection steps in order to obtain the best results for our clients and to retain a good credibility in relation to debtors.
With your agreement, our « legal » department will make on your behalf all the legal steps, so that you keep the same contact at France Contentieux:

- Actions of restraint against the debtor through all legal ways (depending on the country) in order to obtain the payment (Injunction to pay ; Writ of summons…)
- Following up and obtaining the sentences
- Execution of a writ through our legal network

Finally, in the case of the lodging of a claim with the Official Receiver, we follow up the case and we collect the dividends on your behalf till the closure of the procedure.

Account Receivable Management
Account Receivable Management

If you don’t have enough resources and/or IT specific tools to manage your account receivable, (growth, seasonality, reorganization...), we are able to bring you a 'end to end' solution covering the entire lifecycle of an invoice.
This outsourcing can concern all your account receivable, allowing you to focus on your core business, or part of it, in addition to your existing team in different situations, such as:

- Outsourcing of the 80% of customer accounts representing 20% of the turnover, but having a very significant cost of internal management.
- Strong seasonality of sales causing extra work not absorbable by your internal team.
- One-time subcontracting specific operations:

o Late payment catch-up
o Cleaning of ageing balance
o Detection of litigation
o Internal reorganization

Credit Reports
Credit Reports

It’s absolutely essential for you to know your clients, your suppliers or your partners in order to limit your commercial risks. France-Contentieux can supply you with updated investigation reports (the updating of each investigation is done for each request) which are also personalized (systematic reply to each of your questions), this will help you as much as possible to take your decision. These investigation reports will be supplied to you according to different delivery periods, depending on whether you need the report on the same day, within 2 to 3 days, or during the course of the week following your request.
Our service, thanks to a network of worldwide correspondents, enables us to provide commercial information reports on companies situated all over the world.

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  • Nicolas LEGRAIN

    Account Receivable Manager
    Apave Sudeurope

    We are working with France Contentieux to take over after our internal reminders. We appreciate their responsiveness and the fact that they mastered our files, our different businesses and our processes. Cooperation between our teams is excellent, and the reporting is accurate and scalable. In addition they are effective regardless of the type of our customers.
  • Laurence HILDENBRAND

    Renault Trucks France

    France Contentieux comes on our request after internal reminders remained vain. We use their service in phase of "pre-litigation". The professionalism of our contacts, the customization of their dunning process, the knowledge of our customers are all strengths and key of success for our businesses. Their client access tool is extremely readable (Web)
  • Aurélie FRANCOIS

    Eurofins Biologie Médicale

    Collaboration with France Contentieux gives us full satisfaction. They are strength of proposals and have put in place under measure procedures perfectly adapted to our businesses and our constraints. They intervene for our debt collection, with a constant concern regarding the preservation of the image of our company.



92% of very satisfied customers*

*Independent inquiry OpinionWay conducted in November 2016