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About us

France Contentieux is a subsidiary of the “Comdata” group.

With more than 45 years of expertise, we are one of the leaders in Debt Collection and Account Receivable Management.

The Comdata has constantly developed to offer you all the best practices to optimize your DSO and the management of your Account Receivables.

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As a token of seriousness and efficiency, France Contentieux is an active member of the largest international associations of debt collection:




We are also member of the FIGEC (Fédération Nationale de l’Information d’Entreprise, de la Gestion des Créances et de l’Enquête Civile / National federation for company information, account receivable management and Civil investigation), which is the main professional organization that brings together the actors of Account Receivable Management.

We act in full respect of the statutory framework required by the Decree No. 2012-783 dated May 30rd, 2012, regarding the regulations for the activities of third parties proceeding to the amicable collection of debts on behalf of others.

- France-Contentieux’s activity is declared with the head of the Prosecution Department.
- An insurance policy (with HISCOX) guarantees the company’s professional civil liability.
- Bank accounts are specifically dedicated to the receipt of clients’ funds.
- Letters addressed to debtors bear all the mandatory legal notice.

In addition to these legal obligations, the company has developed several tools, that allow us to offer the best quality of service:

-France Contentieux is in full accordance with the Data Protection Law
-We regularly train our employees, allowing us, among other things, to work daily in 5 languages.