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About us

France Contentieux is a subsidiary of the group “Cash Management Services” (CMS).

With more than 40 years of expertise, we are one of the leaders of Debt Collection and Account Receivable Management.

The CMS Group has constantly developed to offer you all the best practices to optimize your DSO and the management of your Account Receivables.

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When it was created in 1973 in Mazamet in the Tarn, the company initially specialized in International Debt Collection. The company regularly developed with now 3 offices in Mazamet, Lyon and Aix in Provence.
Today, our services go from telephone prospecting to collection of payments, as well as the outsourcing of the accounts receivable.
Our employees work daily in 5 languages: French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.



Pledge of seriousness and efficiency, France Contentieux is an active member of the largest international associations of debt collection:




We are also member of the FIGEC (Fédération Nationale de l’Information d’Entreprise, de la Gestion des Créances et de l’Enquête Civile), main professional association that brings together the actors of Account Receivable Management.

We act in full respect of the statutory framework required by the Decree No. 2012-783 dated May 30rd, 2012, concerning the regulation of the activity of persons proceeding to the amicable collection of debts on behalf of other persons.

- France-Contentieux’s activity is declared with the head of the Procecution Department.
- The company’s professional civil liability is covered by an insurance policy, signed with the company HISCOX.
- Bank accounts are specially allocated for the receipt of clients’ funds.
- Mandatory comments on letters addressed to debtors are strictly respected.

In addition to these legal obligations, the company has implemented a number of ways, allowing us to offer a quality of service that meets your expectations:

-France Contentieux is in full accordance with the Data Protection Law
-We regularly train our employees, allowing us, among other things, to work daily with 5 languages.


They trust us to optimize their account receivables
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  • Nicolas LEGRAIN

    Account Receivable Manager
    Apave Sudeurope

    We are working with France Contentieux to take over after our internal reminders. We appreciate their responsiveness and the fact that they mastered our files, our different businesses and our processes. Cooperation between our teams is excellent, and the reporting is accurate and scalable. In addition they are effective regardless of the type of our customers.
  • Laurence HILDENBRAND

    Renault Trucks France

    France Contentieux comes on our request after internal reminders remained vain. We use their service in phase of "pre-litigation". The professionalism of our contacts, the customization of their dunning process, the knowledge of our customers are all strengths and key of success for our businesses. Their client access tool is extremely readable (Web)
  • Aurélie FRANCOIS

    Eurofins Biologie Médicale

    Collaboration with France Contentieux gives us full satisfaction. They are strength of proposals and have put in place under measure procedures perfectly adapted to our businesses and our constraints. They intervene for our debt collection, with a constant concern regarding the preservation of the image of our company.



92% of very satisfied customers*

*Independent inquiry OpinionWay conducted in November 2016