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The group France-Contentieux International acts with a total respect of the statutory framework required by the decree of 18 December 1996 and offers our clients all the financial guarantees that they can expect.
Thanks to our know-how, we provide a personalized follow-up of your files. As far as we are concerned, each case and each client are treated as a separate case/client. Our services go from the amicable debt collection of unpaid invoices to major financial claims, as well as the handling of disputed claims (including via legal steps). The methodology that we use is adapted to each client’s specifities.

France-Contentieux will enable you to enjoy the flexibility of our services : no subscription is required, nothing to be paid in advance. Our remuneration is mainly a success commission on the sums actually recovered.

Our expertise, which is the result of over 40 years experience, enables us to intervene for civil as well as commercial claims, in France as well as on an International basis. Besides the traditional collection services, our recent interventions with some of our clients have enabled us to acquire a particular know-how in the following fields :

- Handling of claims written-off as bad debts
- Lodging of a claim following a legal settlement (possibility to lodge the claim and    to follow up the moratories during 10 years)
- Specific mass handling of low value claims (particularly adapted to firms that issue invoices to private persons).

In order to make the correspondence exchanges easier, and with a view to as much transparency as possible, France-Contentieux has put at your disposal a client’s secure access that will enable you to follow up each step of our interventions.
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