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France Contentieux InternationalFrance Contentieux International (FCI), subsidiary of the CASH MANAGEMRNT SERVICES group, is an international company specialised in debt collection and company information. Located in France, France Contentieux International is a member of the largest international associations  representing this sphere of activity, which is a guarantee of trustworthiness and security : LIC, ECA, GCS and ACA. Our company has set up during the course of the past 30 years an international network with numerous colleagues and correspondents.

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Thanks to our know-how, we provide a personalized follow-up of your debt collection files. As far as we are concerned, each case and each client are treated as a separate case/client.

Our services go from the amicable debt collection of unpaid invoices to major financial claims, as well as the handling of disputed claims (including via legal steps). The
methodology that we use is adapted to each client’s specifities.
It’s absolutely essential for you to know your clients, your suppliers or your partners in order to limit your commercial risks.

France-Contentieux can supply you with updated investigation reports (the updating of each investigation is done for each request) which are also personalized, this will help you as much as possible to take your decision.
Investigation on disappeared debtors
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