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The group France-Contentieux International acts with the total respect of the statutory framework required by the decree n° 96.1112 of 18 December 1996, concerning the regulation of the activity of persons proceeding to the amicable collection of debts on behalf of other persons.
Thus :     

    - France-Contentieux’s activity is declared with the head of the Procecution Department.
    - The company’s professional civil liability is covered by an insurance policy, signed with the company ''Le Continent'' (N521028434).
    - Bank accounts are specially allocated for the receipt of clients’ funds.
    - Mandatory comments on letters addressed to debtors are strictly respected.

      Besides these legal obligations, the company has set up, during the past thirty years, various means that enable us to offer you a service quality up to your expectations :
    - Social capital of 257.000€, proof of financial reliability.
    - Regular training of the members of staff, enabling us to work daily with 5 languages.
    - Active member of the three main international associations :

GCS GROUP   Global Credit Solutions
European Collector Association   European Collector Association
League International for Creditors   League International for Creditors
American Collectors Association   American Collectors Association

      Finally, each colleague of France-Contentieux is signatory of the company’s Code of Conduct, whose main points are as follows :
France Contentieux Code of Conduct
     1. Absolute respect of the regulations in force in each country
     2. Setting up of a methodology adapted to the client’s needs
     3. Transparency on the means used by the company
     4. Transfer of the funds recovered within the period provided for in the contract
     5. Strict respect of the confidentiality of the informations treated
     6. Code of ethics, competence and training of the colleagues
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